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Armin Isarian’s creative and commercial work spans over 2 decades and 2 continents, with many theatrical films to his credit where he was director, writer and editor.

Creative Work

Armin Isarian’s underwater videography and photography projects, such as the “Cleaning Coast of Persian Gulf” project on Qeshm Island—an initiative supported by the United Nations—underscore his commitment to utilizing his skills for environmental and social causes. His documentary projects, including “Mysteries of the Lake,” delve into the intersection of technology, storytelling, and scientific discovery. Notably, his latest documentary project, “Dreams in the Depths,” has earned widespread acclaim, receiving 19 awards and nominations from international festivals. Through his evocative storytelling and technical expertise, Armin continues to captivate audiences and leave an indelible mark on the film world.

Commercial Video

​Seattle Department of Health, where he produced compelling videos, exemplifies his prowess in commercial contracting. Additionally, Armin has lent his creative touch to SIFF Cinema Uptown Seattle through his exceptional video editing skills. His proficiency extends beyond traditional filmmaking, as demonstrated by his roles as a professional photographer for international cancer seminars and real estate photography for REMAX Real Agents.

Student Cooperative Project

Still Photography