Rooftop Asian Short Films Screening by RED DOT CINEMA

Dreams in the Depths – Drama

Director: Armin Isarian

Country: Iran

Length: 12min 48sec

Language: Persian

Subtitle: English

Completed date: 2013

“A young boy and his father in a hidden cramped tunnel under the border walls between Gaza strip and Egypt are waiting to bargain their goods with the people from another side of the walls. the boy want to have a bicycle but his father beats around the bush.”

Film Festival Awards:
Best short film at Shanghai Int. film festival China 2013
Best short screenplay at Shanghai Int. film festival China 2013
Best short film at LifeTree Int. film festival Colorado USA 2014
Silver Award at IFVA Int. film festival Hong Kong 2014
Critic award at DC short Int. film festival Washington DC USA 2013
Best Audience Toronto Reel Asian Int. film festival Canada 2013

Film Festivals Appearances:
Tampre Int. film festival Finland 2013 officially selected
Big sur Int. film festival USA 2013 officially selected
Isle of Waight Int. film festival Britain 2013 officially selected
Lahore Int. film festival Pakistan 2013 officially selected
And more…